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Manual Create drawing

You have various options for creating a new 2D derivation with the sketchers.

Launch the PARTdesigner.

Under 3D History, in the context menu of a level, choose the command New 2D drawing....

--> The dialog window New 2D drawing opens.

Context menu New 2D drawing...

Context menu New 2D drawing...

Dialog box New 2D drawing

Dialog box New 2D drawing

Choose the desired settings:

  • Type

    • View

      If you choose a standard view, the Name will be assigned automatically.

    • Description

      If you have selected USER, you must assign an identification.

      [Note] Note

      If you choose New 2D drawing -> Type -> View -> standard view (TOP, BOTTOM, FRONT, BACK, LEFT, RIGHT) all standard views will be overwritten.

  • Content

    • Empty

      Create your own drawing

    • Accept current 2D derivation

      First create a 2D derivation and select a view. This can be then used as the basis for your drawing.

      [Note] Note

      The selection is only active if you previously created a 2D derivation in PARTdesigner.

    • Select from sketch

      Choose the desired sketch.

      The sketch will be used as a basis for your drawing.

  • Condition -> Only create, if

    You can have different sizes for different views.

After the desired setting has been set, confirm with OK.

--> The sketcher opens.

All usual options for creating a new drawing or modifying adopted base drawings are available in the sketcher.

Via Import sketch you have the possibility to use an external drawing as starting basis. The following formats may be imported:

  • Sketch templates (*.hsk)

  • Sketch templates (*.skt)

  • 2D drawings (*.2db)

  • Partdesigner 2D 2.0 (*.dbs)

  • DXF files (*.dxf)