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Manual DW files per table line

Especially complex assemblies can have a number of variants. Here, it makes sense to use different divisions for the view.

Hereto you can specify dw files for single table lines.

As soon as the column CNSDWTEMPLATE (this naming is mandatory) is available in the table, the dw file specified for the respective line is used. For each line, enter the path to the desired dw file, namely relatively to the loaded project.

If a project loads a dw file via its folder structure and at the same time from its table, both view options are displayed. Exception: If both dw files are identified by the same name, then the dw file from the table is used.

[Note] Note

The dw files of all table lines have to be identified by the same name.

There is no translation of the path. No variables may be used in the path.