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Manual  Rename project
  1. Mark the required project file and click the context menu command Rename project.

    -> The same-named dialog box is opened.

  2. Determine the new project name and confirm by clicking OK.

    -> The project file is renamed.

    -> When the project is renamed, all sub-files, such as *.3db, *.tab and *.tac, files etc., are also renamed accordingly. This ensures that the project-internal assignment is retained.

[Note] Note

Project files may be a part of an assembly. In this case, the assembly must also "be informed" of the new project name. Otherwise, the assembly is unable to "find" the individual parts in question and, consequently, is unable to assemble the assembly.

You should thus activate the Adapt links in assemblies option button and enter the Assemblies path (Browse button ... in which the assembly is located).