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Manual  Start PARTinfoTool

In PARTinfo modifier, primarily the respective Catalog license (CNS2009*catalogname) is inserted for the individual subfiles.

[Note] Note

Only (*.prj) and 3D sketch files (*.3db) must be licensed!

In addition, Information pertaining to the part/project can be applied and/or changed.

  1. First set the Start directory (catalog folder).

  2. Open the File structure until you reach the desired sub-directories. --> Every *.prj and *.3db file has its own part information card.

    --> In the menu area at the right you can see the different input areas in which the part information is stored. As soon as you click one of these fields and make an entry, the title (name, author, etc.) will become active and the checkmark is set.

  1. Apply the part information based on a unique and simple system.

  2. Make sure you assign the respective license under License key (here: CNS2005*ORDNER1).

  3. Confirm your input via the Commit button as well as via Apply changes....