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Dear eCATALOGsolutions user,

we are glad you have chosen PARTsolutions software.

eCATALOGsolutions modules are high-performance tools which enable you to provide standard catalogs for different CAD systems.

2D and 3D parts can be created and parametrized, complete assemblies individually configured. It is possible - after being converted - to integrate 2-D drawings into the PARTdataManager standard part system in dxf format.

Tables can be edited, data be transferred from a PDM system into PARTdataManager tables.

Drawings and tables are centralized in so called project files, if needed be supplemented by dimension illustrations and additional informations. With these project files catalog parts can be displayed in the different PARTsolutions modules, selected and exported to CAD systems.

Our goal in this manual is to make the transition to eCATALOGsolutions as easy as possible and thereby make a positive contribution to your organization.

Your PARTsolutions Team

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