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How to add a HOTSPOT to my 3D Model?

With the so-called HotSpot function, additional diverse information can now be linked with a preview of the uploaded component. Those 3D CAD models become an interactive encyclopedia for engineers and members of the PARTcloud.net sharing community.

Besides videos and animated graphics, members of the community can also provide descriptions of the 3D CAD model and explain their own designs. The advantage is also shown with the sharing or embedding of the 3D CAD model in other websites: The information remains unchanged and engineers can obtain a first impression at once.


1.Users have to login at PARTcloud.net or create an account free of charge in order to enjoy all the advantages of the Sharing Community. If you are already registered for the 3D CAD models download portal PARTcommunity, this is also valid for PARTcloud.net.


2. The components are uploaded and the information as well as details filled in so that the 3D CAD model can be found more easily by other users.



3. After uploading, the 3D CAD model appears in your own portfolio. One click opens a new window.


4. Users can now activate the HotSpot function, place the cursor on the position in the 3D CAD model where the HotSpot should appear and then click.



5. A new window appears where the information can be selected that is to be filed. Users then have a choice between texts, links, images, videos and manufacturer catalogs. The latter shows engineers, for example, which standard parts were used in the design.