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REHOBOT - Industrial (ENG)





REHOBOT pumps have a functional design to withstand rough handling in harsh environments. They can be used in many different applications & industries. The pumps can be used with all hydraulic tools and cylinders in the REHOBOT’s product range.

Hand powered pumps – Are lightweight, portable and do not require an external power source. These pumps are cost effective, easy to use, and are ideal for workshop or field use applications.

Air powered pumps – A cost effective option for faster and more efficient operations. No manual effort required by the operator. Portable and ideal for workshop use, only standard air-line supply required. Field use is feasible if access to a compressor is available.

Electrically powered pumps– The best option where large capacities of oil is required: e.g. multiple cylinder operations. By the addition of different valve types, these pumps can easily operate multiple tools. The electric pumps are suitable in stationary installations.

Petrol powered pumpsAn excellent alternative where, field operations are required: e.g. construction sites and shipyards. No external power source is required


REHOBOT cylinders are designed to withstand rough handling in harsh environments. Their use are highly varied. The cylinders can be used wherever there is something which needs to be pulled, pushed or lifted.


push cylinders (incl for high loads)

hollow cylinders

compact cylinders

double acting cylinders

pull cylinders

FLEXIBLES/ACCESSORIES:chains, hydraulic oil, extension tubes, quick couplings, valves, pressure heads, manifold blocks, hydraulic hoses, cylinder adaptors, pressure gauges, bench presses

LIFTING SYSTEMS AND HYDRAULIC TOOLS: pin & bushing tool kits, universal ball joint extractor, axle stand, bottle jacks, trolley jacks, special jacks, king-pin presses, trolley jacks, lifting systems, spreaders, side and end cutters

WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT –QUALITY FOR GENERATIONS! REHOBOT’s workshop equipment is user friendly and designed to cope with harsh situations in service conditions. The areas of use of the products are wide and may often be found inconjunction with service & maintenance on all kind of vehicles.


trolley jacks

telescopic jacks

bottle jacks

axle stands

special jacks

hydraulic transmission jack

universal lifting system

automotive kits

pin & bush replacement tool

ball joint extractor kit

push & pull kits

king pin press

spring compressor