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TrussFab: Fabricating Sturdy Large-Scale Structures on Desktop 3D Printers (CHI'17)

Posted by Jürgen Heimbach
TrussFab is an integrated end-to-end system that allows users to fabricate large scale structures that are sturdy enough to carry human weight. TrussFab achieves the large scale by complementing 3D print with plastic bottles. Published at CHI'17, Denver Authors: Robert Kovacs, Anna Seufert, Ludwig Wall, Hsiang-Ting Chen, Florian Meinel, Willi Müller, Si-jing You, Maximilian Brehm, Jonathan Striebel, Yannis Kommana, Alexander Popiak, Thomas Bläsius, and Patrick Baudisch project @ Hasso Plattner Institute: https://hpi.de/en/baudisch/projects/trussfab.html TrussFab plugin for SketchUp will be soon open sourced and available for developers. Stay tuned! Supported by: Futurium Berlin & Shapeways music by: K4mmerer contact: robert.kovacs@hpi.com
Posted April 25, 2017
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