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Autodesk Inventor - BMW M5 Rim DesignTutorial

Posted by Annika Litzel
In this Autodesk Inventor tutorial I've created an alloy Rim, globally based on BMW M5 dimensions. I use only common Autodesk Inventor features, so this makes a great model for beginning Autodesk Inventor users. Autodesk Inventor is used for the entire model, in the beginning I've placed some renderings from Autodesk Showcase, but as you can see the renderings from Autodesk Inventor itself are very good as well. In fact the ambient shadows in Autodesk Inventor look very good and are very fast to apply to your model. I show how that's done in the end of the video. In this Autodesk Inventor Tutorial I made a mistake during the video.... I cut it out using video editing software. I'm wondering if anybody can notice it, do let me know if you do. If you have any questions about this Autodesk Inventor tutorial leave me a comment and I'll try to reply
Posted December 6, 2017
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