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eCATALOGsolutions Manual


Edition V11.00 SP0, 04/2017

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Table of Contents

1. eCATALOGsolutions – Concept
2. General guidelines on creating catalogs with eCATALOGsolutions
2.1. Breakdown
2.2. Geometry data
2.2.1. The PARTsolutions 3D geometry format
2.2.2. PARTdesigner
2.2.3. Modeling
2.2.4. Threads
2.2.5. Alignment
2.3. Tables
2.4. Dimensioning views
2.5. Preview images
2.6. Additional information
2.7. Data structure
2.8. Multi-language capability
3. Training Documentation
3.1. Introduction
3.2. Example: Creating a cap nut
3.2.1. Installation of the Training catalog
3.2.2. Take a look on the finished cap nut
3.2.3. Create new project
3.2.4. Define variables in the Variable Manager
3.2.5. Save file - Part information
3.2.6. Create drawings in the Sketcher Sketch 1 – “Raw“ cap nut Creating vertical and horizontal center line Determine height of hexagon Define total height Define diameter of a spherical head Define horizontal position of spherical head Describe the spherical head with a semicircle Trim the sketch, Part 1 Create external chamfers on the hexagon Trim the Sketch, Part 2 Set rotational axis Close Sketch 1 Base rotate Sketch 2 – Hexagonal cap nut Create Hexagon Insert rectangle Close Sketch 2 Extrude Sketch 2 Sketch 3 - Insert Inner thread
3.2.7. Creating an attribute table Add row Add columns ID data
3.2.8. Create Dimensioning views
3.2.9. Provide preview images Create preview images in batch run Create preview image externally and import
3.2.10. Apply Short name
3.2.11. Test project / Test directory
3.2.12. Create index
3.2.13. 2D derivations
3.2.14. PARTdataManager - viewing the project
3.3. Appendix: Specifications for Data Preparation for eCATALOGsolutions
3.3.1. Preview images for the single part families
3.3.2. Dimensioned (Variable) Preview Images
3.3.3. Tables
3.3.4. Naming Files
3.3.5. Level of Detail of the geometry
3.3.6. Data from your suppliers and purchased parts
3.3.7. Directory structure
3.3.8. Company logo
3.3.9. Additional documentation
3.3.10. Contact persons for questions
3.3.11. Delivery method
3.3.12. Time of delivery
4. PARTproject
4.1. Launch PARTproject
4.1.1. License selection dialog box at Floating licensing
4.2. Function
4.2.1. Opening PARTdesigner License selection dialog box at Floating licensing
4.2.2. Opening PARTeditor License selection dialog box at Floating licensing
4.3. User interface
4.4. Project icons
4.5. Create project - Small example from A to Z
4.5.1. Step 1: Create New folder
4.5.2. Step 2: Create subfolder
4.5.3. Step 3: New project
4.5.4. Step 4: Edit project Create geometry *.3db Create the characteristic attribute table *.tac Create preview image *.png
4.5.5. Step 6: Create Index
4.5.6. Step 5: Test the new project in PARTdataManager
4.6. Menus
4.6.1. File
4.6.2. Versioning system
4.6.3. ERP
4.6.4. Extras Create offline CD CIP catalog Additional modules Collect classification data... Class systems: map... History Analyzer Reports Class systems: edit... Class systems: export translations... Class systems: Import translations... Show all toolbars Preferences... General 3D view Other dialog pages
4.6.5. Window
4.6.6. ? (Help)
4.7. Buttons
4.7.1. Default toolbar Text search for part Save Save all Files Update index Fetch publication status...
4.7.2. Link database toolbar
4.8. Project selection
4.8.1. Project selection icons
4.8.2. Context menus under Project selection Context menu of the Folder Level New folder New project New link Open Windows Explorer Update view Delete directory Rename folder Copy directory Move folder Hide folder Sort directory Test project / Test directory Translation "Translation" tabbed page Translation - Table Translation - Settings / Result "Translations" dialog window PARTcatalogTranslator Translation per CSV file Define catalog language Export CSV for translation Edit CSV file Import CSV for translation Configuration of the Online Translation Services Integration mode of translation service Structure of configuration file Google Translator - Create account Microsoft Translator - Create account Output CIP catalog Cip projects in directory Generate image data/preview images with batch run Generate previews Launch Preferences Alternative: Create preview images externally and then import Export images Tabbed page "Default options" Tabbed page "View / Export" Tabbed page "Extended" Create previews per line Generate deeplinks Background information on Deep Links Syntax Parameter Write BME catalog Overview Command Profile management Create / Save The dialog pages Paths Catalog Price Supplier Buyer Rules Replace Settings Additional options Check out projects Check out catalog Create CSV table Create HTML index Collect classification data... Project dependencies 2D view creation Automation Start PARTinfoTool Import eClass XML file... Batch process all tables in project Add variable / change variable value Change value of variable Replace variable value Delete variables Rename variable Add variables from CSV / change variable values from CSV Input options in field "Name of variable" Use of keywords Equal variables in folder Change file information into lower case letters Add projects to classification Create standardization system Create document project Create native project Convert previews... Batch import neutral formats (Quick and Simple) Project history report Context menu of the Project Level Open with PARTdataManager Open Explorer Delete project Rename project Copy project Move project Hide project Test project Translation Show translations Export CSV for translation Import CSV for translation Output Save as CIP Generate image data/preview images Create previews per line Create CSV table Project dependencies Automation Edit project in batch mode Add projects to classification Project history report Context menu of the File Level Rename file Open Windows Explorer
4.9. Edit project
4.9.1. Overview on tabbed pages
4.9.2. Tabbed page General General menu item Menu item Variables Transfer attributes via CNS classification Order/Groups of Variables - Hide columns (variables) Variables containing external references Menu item Settings for the catalog Maintain render materials Menu item Table filter Menu item PARTserver/PARTcommunity Menu item Color and texture Color Texture Menu item Render attributes Menu item Alternative 2D size Menu item Dimensioning Link Expiration date
4.9.3. Tabbed page 3D project Dimensioning views 3D models Variants Links to parts
4.9.4. Tabbed page 2D derivation
4.9.5. Tabbed page 2D project
4.9.6. Tabbed page Bitmaps
4.9.7. Tabbed page Roller bearing
4.9.8. Tabbed page Assembly
4.9.9. Tabbed page Variable assignment (Project type"assembly table")
4.9.10. Tabbed page Links
4.9.11. Tabbed page Catalog help
4.9.12. Translation tabbed page
4.9.13. Tabbed page Image
4.9.14. Tabbed page Database
4.9.15. Tabbed page Picture file
4.9.16. Tabbed page Table file
4.9.17. Tabbed page Document
4.9.18. History tabbed page
4.9.19. Tabbed page QA check
4.9.20. Catalog separation tabbed page
4.9.21. Release Notes tabbed page
4.10. Specify automatically created dimensionings (notations) for 3D view and 2D derivation
4.10.1. Example: Create dimensioning
4.10.2. Horizontal, vertical and parallel dimensioning Mandatory parameters Optional parameters
4.10.3. Radial dimensioning Mandatory parameters Optional parameters
4.10.4. Angular dimensioning Mandatory parameters Optional parameters
4.10.5. Annotation Mandatory parameters Optional parameters
4.10.6. Part-Annotation Mandatory parameters Optional parameters
4.10.7. Optional parameters Details
4.10.8. 3D Parameter
4.10.9. Using variables
4.10.10. PARTdesigner Expressions
4.11. Adjust 2-D derivations
4.11.1. 2D derivation: Alternative 2D size (shortened) Function Configuration Example
4.11.2. 2D derivation: Enhance Default views Create New 2D drawing Create drawing Save drawing Allocate 2D derivation in PARTproject Display in the PARTdataManager Export into CAD system Add dimensioning directly before transferring to PARTdataManager
4.11.3. 2D derivation: Create your own Combination views Overview [Template] with basic information [Description] for display name [ELEMENT_grid] to place several derivations Element_<title_value> Element_<ratio_title_value> [ELEMENT_box] as wildcard element [ELEMENT_derivation] for one single derivation [ELEMENT_text] Text [ELEMENT_table] Table [ELEMENT_frame] Combine more elements in frame [Formats] Different paper formats Translations DW files per table line
4.12. Create Dimensioning views (Technical details)
4.12.1. Create Dimensioning views with PARTdesigner Select *.3db object Dimensioning *.3db Object
4.12.2. External creation and import/conversion of Dimensioning views
4.12.3. *.tif files
4.12.4. Image-table connection
4.13. Add projects to classification
4.13.1. Assignment at project level Allocate classifications Assign Attributes
4.13.2. Allocation at directory level Allocate classification Manuel Input Automatic take-over Allocate Attributes Set attribute Map variables from other class Get class variables from file Use classification from project
4.13.3. Index update
4.13.4. Classes in the PARTdataManager Selection of Classes window Parts information Class variables in table header
4.13.5. Apply own classification
4.13.6. Classifying own parts Value take-over from the Measure dialog window
4.14. Apply own Class system
4.14.1. Call up
4.14.2. Create class system
4.14.3. Edit class system Building/editing class system Create / edit attributes
4.14.4. Classify part / edit attributes Index update Assign class Edit attributes Index update
4.14.5. Own classes in PARTdataManager Selection via "Classes" tabbed page Part information Show class attributes in the column header of the table
4.14.6. Class systems: export translations...
4.14.7. Class systems: Import translations...
4.15. Class systems: map...
4.15.1. Overview
4.15.2. Create new mapping Configure mapping strategy Levenshtein strategy eClass upgrade strategy
4.15.3. Edit mapping
4.15.4. Map class systems: Example
4.16. Published elements
4.16.1. General
4.16.2. Creating the published elements Published element - Select face Published element - Select sketch Published element - Select plane Published element - Choose connection point
4.16.3. Published elements in the CAD system
4.16.4. Display in PARTdataManager
4.16.5. Name mapping for published elements
4.17. Classify threaded connections (own company standards)
4.17.1. Connection points at threaded connections
4.18. Create catalogs - Quick&Simple
4.18.1. Prepare catalog data (provided by customer as standard)
4.18.2. Import data / Create catalog
4.18.3. Post-processing
4.19. Tips and tricks
4.19.1. Renaming variables
5. PARTproject QA
5.1. Which objectives are achieved with PARTproject QA?
5.2. Process chain in an overview
5.3. PARTproject QA: Basics
5.3.1. Installation QA Modules
5.3.2. Activate QA
5.3.3. PARTproject QA: Svn Login
5.3.4. Download catalog from server
5.3.5. Update catalog
5.3.6. Test projects in the PARTdataManager
5.4. Symbols of QA-status and Versioning system
5.4.1. Symbols QA-status
5.4.2. Symbols Versioning system
5.5. Editing catalogs
5.5.1. Creating a directory structure Download catalog from server Creating a new directory / project Rename folder Uninstall catalog Delete directory/Delete project Move folder/Move project
5.5.2. Uploading working material
5.5.3. Modelling Versioning system Show status of the file Checking out projects / directories (for editing) Edit project / directory Check in project (set read-only) Upload changed data of the project to the server Download changed data of the project from the server Set QA status Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Comments - History Comments at SVN level Uploading Downloading Comments on QA status level Changes at directory level Changes at project level
5.6. History tab page
5.7. QA check tab page
5.8. History analyzer
5.9. Add ERP-Mapping... / Edit ERP-Mapping...
5.9.1. Complete workflow at a glance Add ERP-Mapping... and Edit ERP-Mapping... (catalog modeling) Installation of catalog update (at the customer)
5.9.2. User interface and a simple use case
5.9.3. The most important use cases Interchanged lines - Expired lines Project removed Change of project name Changes of decimal places Renaming of value range variables Renaming of fixed variables Changing a fixed variable into a value range variable Changes of value range Splitting of project with value range variable in two projects with fixed variable Merging 2 projects with fixed variables in one project with value range variable Resolved value range
5.9.4. User interface: Reference of icons and functions in detail
5.10. Publish catalog
5.10.1. Prepare catalog
5.10.2. Generate QA catalog | Publish Live state...
5.10.3. Info dialogs: Messages... | Publication status | Publishing history | Log file Messages... Publication status Publishing history Log file
5.10.4. Settings
5.10.5. Release Notes
5.11. Troubleshooting
5.11.1. Update V9 to V10 / QA commands not displayed anymore
5.11.2. eCATALOGsolutions: PARTproject QA - Solve SVN conflict
5.11.3. Delete lock-files / Repair directory Delete lock-files Repair directory
5.11.4. Error message "Attempted to lock an already-locked dir"
6. PARTdesigner parametric tool
6.1. Function
6.2. Calling PARTdesigner
6.3. User interface
6.4. Create 3D model: Small example from A to Z
6.5. Create table: Small example from A to Z
6.6. 3D History docking window
6.6.1. What are Features?
6.6.2. Part (name) context menu Part information... (part) Insert Fixed plane... Exchange base planes (part) Import foreign geometries Dependencies... (part) Search Rotate (assembly) Pan (assembly) Mirror Level of Detail Configuration Context menu commands General adjustments Special adjustments Setting options in the configuration file
6.6.3. Context menu base plane Settings... (base plane) New sketch... (base plane) New 2-D sketch... (base plane) Buttons in connection with New 2D drawing Text Polyline ellipses Insert hatch Dimensioning mode Dependencies... (Plane Feature) Insert new plane... (Plane Feature) Delete plane (Plane Feature) Visible (Plane Feature) Paste sketch
6.6.4. Sketch context menu Edit... Duplicate sketch Construction sketch Base Extrude... Rotate... Cut Extrude... Rotate... Copy (only sketch) Cut (including dependencies) - Move complete history tree Rename Delete... Show error... Dependencies... Visible in this configuration Set mark
6.6.5. Extrusion and/or rotation feature context menu Edit... (Base extrusion / Cut extrusion) Show error... (Base extrusion / Cut extrusion) Rename... (Base extrusion / Cut extrusion) Delete... (Base extrusion / Cut extrusion) Dependencies... (Extrusion feature) Convert to cut / Convert to base Set mark
6.7. 3D view docking window
6.7.1. Face attributes Assign face attributes Set face attributes to several faces at once Texture and color changes are also displayed in PARTdesigner Edit / display attributes already used in the Face class browser Face attributes The individual Face attributes Color Render material Surface Text CAD text attribute on face HTML text attribute on face Text fields in 3D view connected to variables
6.8. Variable Manager docking window
6.8.1. Create new variable
6.8.2. Change variable value
6.8.3. Variable Manager - The individual parameters
6.8.4. Designer mode | Table mode | Dual mode Unknown variable (Error message) Using mathematical function in Sketch or Attribute algorithm?
6.8.5. Attribute algorithms Mathematical functions (Attribute algorithm) Translation functions
6.8.6. Value ranges Type "Value range variable" Type "Value range variable with naming" Type "Value range variable with graphics" Type "Value range variable" in combination with IF condition (attribute algorithm)
6.8.7. Identification type
6.8.8. Variable Manager - Buttons
6.8.9. Standard variables Transfer order number to the CAD Mark parts to be avoided
6.9. Sketcher docking window
6.9.1. Overview of user interface
6.9.2. Launching the Sketcher Create new sketch Edit sketch
6.9.3. Function buttons Basics for use Point Connection points for assembly construction General connection points Name conventions for Connection points and Insertion lines Direction of connection points Connection points at miters Connection points at connection elements Create Connection line Create pattern Create pattern with same alignment Create rotated pattern Create pattern with circular orientation Angular borings Arrange borings to points of reference Move point of reference of rotated pattern Irregular patterns Sweep Connection points as Published elements for automatic placement in the CAD Lines Line through 2 points Create parallel line Perpendicular to line through point Midpoint perpendicular to line Bisect angle between 2 lines Line at angle to line with length Line at angle to horizontal, length Horizontal line Vertical line Line tangent to 2 circles Tangent from point to circle N-edge Circle Arc Delete Transform Move selection Mirror selection Rotate selection Matrix copy Variant copy Attributes Edit existing geometry Insert Chamfer/Fillet... Basics - Create chamfer or fillet Edit all edges of a face Expand existing blend feature Using "Base surface" feature Overlying blends Chamfer/Fillet at patterns Threads Cylindrical thread by length Outer thread with example pin Pitch thread Fine thread - variants Inner thread using the example of a cap nut Conical thread by lengths Pitch thread File management *.dbs-, *.skt bzw. *.hsk files - "Insert sketch" window Window „DXF Import“
6.9.4. Sketch history
6.9.5. Context menus of Sketch history Change parameter Rotation axis Delete step Mark dependent elements Delete step include dependent elements
6.9.6. Mathematical functions (Sketch)
6.10. 2D derivation docking window
6.11. Table docking window
6.11.1. Add row
6.11.2. Delete row
6.11.3. Move row up
6.11.4. Move row down
6.12. File management
6.12.1. New
6.12.2. New table
6.12.3. New Drawing
6.12.4. Open
6.12.5. Save or Save as...
6.12.6. Part information
6.12.7. ID data
6.12.8. Recent parts
6.12.9. Close
6.13. Extras menu
6.13.1. Settings... PARTdesigner menu item Sketcher (feat.) menu item Color settings Performance Grid Formula optimizer tabbed page Other menus
6.13.2. Physical properties of the part
6.14. Help menu
6.15. More functions
6.15.1. Export Case 1 - Export 3D part to 3D CAD system Case 2 - Export 3D part to 2D CAD system
6.15.2. Automatic recalc on/off
6.15.3. Test part
6.15.4. Search
6.16. License selection dialog box at Floating licensing
7. Assistants
7.1. Overview on different types of assistants
7.2. Create Search assistant / Calculation assistant
8. Configurator (Assemblies in PARTdataManager)
8.1. Function
8.2. Function with other modules
8.3. Project types
8.3.1. Configuration
8.3.2. Template
8.3.3. Assembly-Table-Project
8.4. Launch
8.4.1. Modify an existing set of rules
8.4.2. Create new set of rules
8.5. GUI
8.5.1. Context menus: "Configurator" dialog Context menu of assembly Properties... General Center point Type Open tree Context menu of "Parts" directory Insert part... Context menu of single parts Properties... Delete... Edit in PARTproject... Show links Context menu of "Table restrictions" directory Properties Context menu of index “Value range assignments“ Properties Context menu of index "Conditions" Insert condition... Window Condition properties Context menu of the fields Condition 1 and Condition 2 Context menu of a connection point New rule… Properties Positioning Connection part - Connection point Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
8.5.2. Context menus: "Assembly" Dialog Context menu of the assembly Search... Transparency Edit in PARTproject... Insert (part) Context menu of part Zoom All Delete Transfer to PARTbom Transparency Edit in PARTproject... Context menu of a connection point
8.5.3. Context menus: 3-D / 2-D / technical details
8.5.4. Menus File Open Saving templates Export View Configurator New Save configuration / Save configuration as Create translation file Show configurations and tables Extras Window ? (Help)
8.6. What does it mean if...
8.7. Example 1- Create a system of rules
8.7.1. PARTdesigner: Defining connection points Connection point of single part 1 "plate" Connection point of single part 2 "butterfly screw"
8.7.2. Configurator: Add new configuration Insert start element Inserting the butterfly screw Add components to the Assembly menu Connect the components via rules Plate: Assign connection point (Drill) and butterfly screw Defining first condition Define second condition Save assembly
8.7.3. Create index
8.7.4. PARTdataManager: Open the new assembly
8.8. Example 2 - Create an Assembly-Table-Project
8.8.1. Create dummy starting part
8.8.2. Create Assembly configuration Adding assemblies Rules Conditions
8.8.3. Testing the Assembly Configuration
8.8.4. Create template
8.8.5. Create Assembly-Table-Project
8.9. Example 3 - Create subassembly
8.9.1. Inserting elements
8.9.2. Release of the connection points
8.9.3. Adopt the i-beam in the Assembly
8.9.4. Rule – pipe clip
8.9.5. Insert pipe clip parts
8.9.6. Position pipe clip
8.10. Example 4 - Automatic dimensioning
8.11. Example 5 - Configure own 2-D derivations
9. PARTtemplateDesigner
9.1. Create template from A to Z
9.2. Open existing catalog template
9.3. Basic functions / settings
9.3.1. "Basic functions" toolbar
9.3.2. Template configuration
9.3.3. Designer configuration
9.3.4. "File" menu
9.4. "Elements" toolbar
9.4.1. Create / change Elements
9.4.2. General settings
9.4.3. Page settings
9.4.4. Geometry
9.4.5. Text
9.4.6. Table
9.4.7. 3D view
9.4.8. U3D
9.4.9. Derivation
9.4.10. Technical view
9.4.11. Image
9.4.12. Flash
9.4.13. QRCode
9.5. "Layer" tabbed page/dialog box
9.6. Edit Media Variables in the Media editor
9.6.1. Create / edit Media Variables Create Media Variables Edit Media Variables
9.6.2. Edit table variables
9.6.3. Hide table columns
9.7. Edit Media Variables in PARTproject
9.7.1. Inherit variable properties
9.7.2. Translate Media Variables
10. Interactive Product Configurator
10.1. Modeling guidelines
10.1.1. Assemblies
10.1.2. Direction of connection points
10.1.3. Name conventions for Connection points and Insertion lines
10.1.4. Create Connection line
10.1.5. Connection points at miters
10.1.6. Dummy starting part
10.2. XML file structure
10.2.1. Allparts
10.2.2. Part
10.2.3. Conparts
10.2.4. Baseparts
10.2.5. Categories
10.2.6. BOMexport
10.2.7. Replaceparts
10.2.8. Translation
11. PARTapplicationConfigurator
11.1. Program GUI
11.2. Open file
11.3. Delete projects
12. Setting options / 2-D derivation
12.1. Settings
12.1.1. Launch
12.1.2. "Part selection" tabbed page Size of preview Sorting Project statements Document types
12.1.3. "Bill of material" tabbed page
12.1.4. "Administrator" tabbed page
12.1.5. "Table" tabbed page
12.1.6. "Network" tabbed page
12.1.7. "Log settings" tabbed page
12.1.8. "Export to CAD" tabbed page
12.1.9. "Assembly" tabbed page
12.1.10. "Search" tabbed page General Text search Sketch search (2D) Geometric search (3D) Topology Color search
12.1.11. "3D settings" tabbed page Templates "Elements" tabbed page Display Line colors / thickness Threads Center point "Environment" tabbed page Background colors Background texture Logo Environment sphere Floor "Miscellaneous" tabbed page Handling Mouse and keyboard assignment Correct aspect ratio Other Controls Standard material
12.1.12. "2D view" tabbed page
12.1.13. "META" tabbed page
12.1.14. "Colors" tabbed page
12.2. Create 2D derivation
12.2.1. Calling 2-D drafting
12.2.2. "2D view" dialog box Standard views Current view Combination views Render mode Scale and Paper formats Scale, position sketch elements in 2D view Adjust paper format in 2D view Settings / visibility Alternative 2D size Optimize drawing view on paper size / Add dimensioning in PARTdataManager before the export Transfer special derivations or technical views to CAD system
12.2.3. Context menu and buttons "2D view" window
13. Measure
14. FAQ
14.1. Help
14.2. Context help...
14.3. About
14.4. Licenses
14.4.1. License information "General" tabbed page "License selection" tabbed page "Expiring licenses" tabbed page "Active licenses" tabbed page "Checkout" tabbed page
14.4.2. Licensing "Request licenses online" index page for single workstation license "Request licenses online" index page with FLM license Entering licenses... (Single workstation) Entering licenses... (FLM) Check licenses... (Single workstation) Check licenses... (FLM) No valid license available
14.5. System info/Support
14.6. PARTconcept: Ticketing
14.7. Remote maintenance
14.8. Global Logging System
14.9. 3D preview
14.10. Directories - Change sorting
15. Appendix
15.1. PARTdesigner-Expressions
15.2. Constants, Functions, Operators, mathematical expressions
15.2.1. Fortran Syntax
15.2.2. SQL Syntax
15.2.3. Constants
15.2.4. Operators
15.2.5. Functions
15.2.6. Examples Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4
15.3. Regular expression
15.4. Third Party License Information