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1.2.4. Running PLMsynchro with CAPVIDIA

To enable CAPVIDIA with a PLMsynchro job, please set these additional settings:

  1. In plmsynchro.cfg, under [JOB], enter a new key called conversionPath. The value in this key holds the conversion process for CAPVIDIA module.


    The following screenshot shows an example of conversionPath set for Inventor and PARTJAVA_REDUCED.

  2. Optionally:

    For very small parts, Capvidia will possibly calculate the Bounding Box not correctly, which results in wrong parts. In this case try the following setting under plmsynchro.cfg -> block [JOB] or [CONVERSION] -> key ConversionPath.




If using PLM Synchro with PARTdataCenter do the following:

  1. In the pipeline, select the node Conversion service.

  2. Perform the desired adjustment under Conversion path.

Capvidia license

Operation of PLM Synchro with Capvidia requires the Capvidia license 3DTransVidia in addition.

  1. Via cmd command, open a console.

  2. Execute the following command.

    $CADENAS\libs\x86\64\custom\capvidia\registration.exe 3DTransVidia /change

    -> The dialog box 3DTransVidia Registration is opened.

  3. Now you can request a license key by clicking on Request Key or enter it under License Key and confirm with OK.