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6.1.  Help


In PARTsolutions applications, call the program help via Help menu or F1, in CAD system, in PARTsolutions menu or toolbar by clicking on .

[Note] Note

All manuals available under r $CADENAS/proghelp/"language" are loaded.

A search is performed encompassing ALL manuals.

PARTsolutions application -> Help menu

PARTsolutions application -> Help menu

CAD system -> Help button

CAD system -> Help button

Table of contents

When opening the help, on the left, the tabbed page Content is displayed by default, so that you can open all books and subchapters specifically.

In the table of content, cut titles (recognizable by ...) are displayed in full length in the tooltip.


You can move back and forth via the buttons Prev and Next.

Moving back and forth according to the sequence of called pages is possible via the blue arrow keys at the top beside the search path display.

Up brings you to the hierarchically next-highest chapter (the button is found at page end).

Home brings you on the first page of the respective manual (the button is found at page end).

Search path (Breadcrumbs)

The search path shows where you are at the moment. This is especially helpful when using links between different manuals.

The path components are links, so that you can directly jump into the respective chapter.

When clicking on an arrow in the search path, all chapters below the chosen item are listed.


You can switch anytime between tabbed pages Content and Index.

In the index view you will get an alphabetical listing of all index terms. Simply select the desired term, in order to display the respective help.

[Tip] Tip

When selecting a term and then typing the first character of a desired term, the display jumps to the first entry of the respective character.

As an alternative, search in index. In the input field Search..., enter the search term and start searching by clicking on the Return key.


In the input field Search..., enter the search term and start searching by clicking on the Return key.

On the main page, on the right, you can see hits found in the text. Click on any in order to load the respective page.

On the Index tabbed page, on the left, you can see found index terms. Once clicking on an index term, the respective page is loaded as well.