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Manual  Database login…

In order to work with ERP functionality, you have to connect to the LinkDB.

The respective login window automatically shows up while calling up the PARTsolutions modules. Insert your user name and password to access the database.

Registering at the database.

[Note] Note

You will receive user name and password from your system administrator.

In the case of the PLDBDEMO database, the following counts:

user and password are identical 'erpuser'.

Database login…

Database login…

Should the connection end or not occur for whatever reason, you can call up the registration window via the corresponding icon as well.

Should a group change be possible then the following second icon will show up.

Clicking this icon the adjoining dialog box appears.

Select the desired role here and confirm with OK.

If you mostly use the same role then you can activate the checkbox Remember selected role.

In this way the last chosen role is saved and the role dialog is suppressed as long as the user clicks on the Change role button again or the saved role is no longer available for the respective user (setting in plinkusers.cfg).