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Manual Context menu of the address header or of the area fields

Click with the left mouse button in one of the specified areas. --> The Choose the address context menu is opened.

In the List of addresses field you can - as in the example to the right - apply one or more addresses of your company. The names belonging to the addresses in the Address field only become visible once you have marked a company name.

Confirm with OK. -> The marked address is taken over in the print preview of the form.

With New and Edit you can open further dialog boxes (see below).


This button opens context menu Add address. In this menu, you can create further addresses for your firm and transfer them to the List of addresses (choose addresses) with OK.


This button opens context menu Edit address. In this menu, you can change each address selected.

To conclude, then confirm your entries which you make in the relevant clicked-on field with OK.

-> The view changes back to the menu Choose the address, where you can see that your changes have been updated.