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Manual Spezielle Kennzeichnungen von Katalogen und/oder Unterverzeichnissen

Catalogs, subdirectories, etc. can be marked separately, e.g. as preferred supplier.

PARTdataManager, icons in index tree

PARTdataManager, icons in index tree

For this make the required settings in the configurations file prefcatalog.cfg, meaning which icons, which catalogs, paths.

In the block "icons", increment used key names (icon0, icon1, icon2, etc.) and enter the picture paths.

In the block "nodes", set three parameters:

  • 1. Parameter: Directory path, where the icon shall be shown

  • 2. Parameter: Reference to icon to be used

  • 3. Parameter: Tooltip

PARTadmin, prefcatalog.cfg

PARTadmin, prefcatalog.cfg