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Manual  2D transfer formats

The following 2D transfer formats are available:

  • PS2-V1 2D

  • PS2-V2 2D

After click on the desired format the dialog box Export using PS2-V1/2 2D format opens.

"Export using PS2-V1 2D format" dialog box

"Export using PS2-V1 2D format" dialog box

The following options are available:

Views tabbed page

  • Shortened view: When you want to export the shortened view, then activate the checkbox.

    You can find detailed information on this under Section, “ Alternative 2D size Optimize drawing view on paper size / ”.

  • Source: In the list field there are two options:

    • All 2D derivations

      The selection for individual derivations remains inactive.

    • Selected views:

      At the desired views activate the checkbox.

      Views: Detailed information on the individual views can be found under Section, “ "2D view" dialog box ”.

  • Views:

    The options are only then active, when under Source the option Selected views is selected.

  • Destination file:

    Via browse button ... choose the Destination file, where you want to save the part / assembly.

Filter tabbed page

See Section, “Tabbed page "Filter" - Unit conversion ”.