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Manual  Display

In the Display area you can make the following settings:

  • Shading:

    You can find the following selection options in the list field:

    • Edges

    • Hidden lines (gray)

    • Hidden lines

    • Shaded

    • Shaded with edges

    • Schematic

    [Note] Note

    The setting only describes the template during loading the part. You can change the display mode using the corresponding toolbars in the user interface.

  • Lines in part color

    Part color is based on the color of a single part in an assembly. This option only refers to assemblies with colorful parts.

  • Antialiasing smooths the part's contours.

  • Red/cyan

    Display of the part in plastic 3D preview. The three dimensional effect only takes place when using red/cyan glasses!

    To increase the effect of the plastic effect, the selected part is displayed flushed. The background is automatically darkened. The option red/cyan effect can be used independent of the display mode (Lines, Hidden lines, Shaded , etc.).

    You can turn the option on/off per default via the checkbox.

  • Red/cyan button

    Determine the position (corner) in the list field.

  • Coordinate system (large)

    You can turn the coordinate system in the center of the part on/off by marking the checkbox.

    Coordinate system (small)

    The small coordinate system (in the corner) can be turned on/off and the position (corner) determined using the list field.

  • Type of coordinate system (small)

    • Coordinate system

      Coordinate system bottom left

      Coordinate system bottom left

    • Orientation cube

      Use the Orientation cube, in order to simply rotate the 3D view. Click on an edge, corner or face to bring it in the front. Clicking on a face repeatedly will rotate the part around face's vertical.







      Faces with arrows have dimensionings in addition (like the icons in the toolbar).

  • Perspective view

    On, off

  • Rotation after loading

    On, off

  • Shadow

    On, off

  • Grid

    On, off and setting of color

    Without shadow and grid

    Without shadow and grid

    With shadow and grid

    With shadow and grid

  • Highlight texture

    • Highlight texture : In connection with the display type "Shaded" and/or "Shaded with edges", so-called highlighting texture can be selected for the surface of a part. The respective selection can be found in the list field.

  • Sketching

    Various adjustments can be made in the list field.

    You can also find a button on the user interface.

  • Connection points

    • Show connection points

    • Hide connection points

    • Show active connection points

  • Tooltips for parts

    Hied/show the part tooltip (pops up upon mouseover)

  • Texts and classes

    "Texts and classes" deactivated

    "Texts and classes" deactivated

    "Texts and classes" activated

    "Texts and classes" activated

    See also Section 5.13.7, “Create Published elements ” in eCATALOGsolutions Manual.