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Manual  Geometric search (3D): The most important at a glance
Description of function

The Geometric search (3D) can be used for a text-independent search or in addition to a full-text search, especially when searching company parts, for non-classified parts or parts which are not registered in the ERP/PDM. Due to its precision is will find a needle in the haystack.

The Geometric search (3D) can be used ...

  • ... at missing textual information or classification (especially company parts)

  • ... if no adequate search term is known (possibly little expert knowledge)

  • ... in the case of different names for one and the same

  • ... during modelling in order to avoid the creation of duplicates

  • ... to compare supplier and company parts

    Comparison of Benefit
    Company part Company part

    Increase of reuse

    Reduction of duplicates

    Increase of standardization

    Company part Supplier part

    Increase of use of supplier parts

    Supplier part Supplier part

    Supplier comparison

  1. In the opened menu of enhanced search methods, click on Geometric search (3D).

    -> The same-named dialog box is opened.

    All parts already used in the current session are listed in the dialog box on the tabbed page Projects. On the tabbed page 3D files, you can transfer any parts from the CAD or load from your disk.

    When clicking on Open, you can load listed parts in the Part view. Double-click on the desired part has the same effect.

  2. On the left side, under History, determine the search part.

    -> The part is displayed in the Preview on the right.

  3. Settings:

    • Search template: Normally you will get very good results with the search template Standard search. Furthermore the template Broad search, Search for profiles and Duplicate search are available.

      [Note] Note

      For the creation of own search templates or special adjustments please only contact CADENAS Consulting, if needed.

    • Size-dependent: When disabling this option, the search is only shape-dependent, when enabling in addition size-dependent.

    • Filter mirrored parts: When enabling this option, mirrored parts are filtered. In the list of search results, mirrored parts are marked with an icon .

      Option disabled: Mirrored parts are not filtered, but marked with an icon.

      Option disabled: Mirrored parts are not filtered, but marked with an icon.

  4. Click on Commit.


    Takes over all changes and closes the dialog box.

    Start Geometric search (3D) via Start search.

    Commit and Search

    Closes the dialog box and starts Geometric search (3D) immediately.


    Closes the dialog box without saving any changes.

    -> The Geometric search (3D) shows a small preview image and the respective parameters now.

    You can use the Geometric search (3D) as only method or in combination with others. Not desired methods can either be disabled (remove checkmark) or deleted (). In the example in hand the Geometric search (3D) is used as only method. Disable Full-text search (full-text search cannot be deleted).

    [Note] Note

    Sketch (2D) and Geometry (3D) mutually exclude each other.

  5. Use the setting "Search for parts".

  6. Click on Start search.

    -> The search results are listed below.

    According to the geometrical similarity the percent value is colored.

    • Green: very good

    • Yellow: middle

    • Red: bad

  7. Optionally, you can load parts into the Part comparison (tabular compare and 3D/2D comparison). See here.