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4.5.1. How can I select a CAD model? (Overview)

The part selection follows the following steps:

Define part via product catalog and catalog elements

(Alternatively via different search methods)

Determine the characteristic via row selection at the desired CAD model

Preview of CAD models can be shown.

Possibly, determine value range fields in the variable view

Follow the steps listed below to reach your desired part:

  1. Select the desired catalog or directory.[136]

    [Note] Note

    While browsing the directory levels, click on the logo/image or the link.

    With Back you reach the previous level.

    With Home you reach the catalog selection at the highest level.

  2. After you have selected a catalog, you can select the catalog language in the navigation path (if several catalogs are available, otherwise at once).

    [Note] Note

    Catalog language and language for the user interface can be set differently.

  3. Select product groups as long as a concrete assembly or concrete single part has been specified.

  4. Choose an assembly or a single part.

  5. As soon as a concrete row has been determined, you can load a 3D view and dimensioning views (if available) under CAD model preview. Therefor, click on the button Update preview.[137]

    -> Part is loaded under CAD model preview.

  6. Define the characteristic of the part by clicking into the option button (at the left on the desired row).

    [Note] Note

    No value range fields will be shown in the variable view.

    As soon as you are located in the table view and a row has been selected, the generation of a CAD model is possible (only useful if there are no value range fields to be set).

  7. Variable view (possibly set value ranges). Details under Section, “How can I adjust the value range fields in the variable view?”.)

    In order to reach the variable view, click on the part link or preview image.

    -> Now you can see all variables in list form.

    In case value range fields are available, you will recognize this by the yellow-highlighted fields and on the right side by the table symbol.

    Select the desired value.

    • Selection finished, only one value left

    • Changeable value. Click on the value to change the selection.

    Click on Back to get to the table again.

[136] The exact depiction differs depending on portal. On the level of Home directory you can see the subdirectories of the root directory. (If there is only one catalog available, you can see part folders. If there are several catalogs available, these are shown in the first step.)

[137] Of course you can specify a concrete characteristic first and then generate the preview.