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Manual  Request ERP number per e-mail

You can request the release of parts, which are blocked for export, via e-mail at the standardization department for example directly from PARTdataManager.

By clicking on the button Request ERP number per e-mail the dialog box Send e-mail opens. The specific information on the currently opened part is already inserted and an e-mail can directly be sent to the standardization department for example.

Request dialog

Request dialog

The fields Folder, Standard number and Description are automatically overtaken from the chosen part and characteristic.

Send to can be preconfigured in the file plinkcommon.cfg under section MAIL, key SENDTO

The e-mail gets a .psmid file as attachment. Via double-click on this file PARTdataManager opens with the respective project and line.

The e-mail itself contains all important information about the part like the MIDENT for example ("internal identification of the part"), which precisely identifies a part. On this also compare Section, “ Open part by MIDENT ”.

The last line contains a batch command, which opens the part in PARTdataManager.

Sample e-mail

Sample e-mail