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Manual "Assembly" Window - Bill of material Window

The Assembly window displayed BOM-list information and the configuration of the assembly:

  • NB of the subassemblies/single parts

  • Amount of the parts of the assembly

  • ERP/PDM-number

  • Status lights

The depiction of the ERP functionality (status lights) is by default adapted from the characteristic attribute table.

It immediately becomes obvious, if the subassemblies/parts of the assembly have ERP/PDM numbers and/or, whether a number can be assigned or not.

More detailed information can be found under Section 4.17.8, “ ERP for single parts in assembly tables / plinkcommon.cfg -> Block [PARTdataManager] -> Key "UseErpForAssPart" ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.

The following image shows a complex assembly with subassemblies. No ERP/DPM number has been assigned to the highest assembly yet (red status light in the characteristic attribute table). Some single parts have already been assigned ERP/PDM numbers (green status light in the "assembly" window).

Assembly with subassemblies

Assembly with subassemblies

[Note] Note

Subassemblies of assembly tables can be displayed. This function is needed for ERP so that parts can be added.

Show single parts tables in assembly tables

Show single parts tables in assembly tables

PARTdataManager -> Extras -> Settings -> Assembly -> Checkbox Show single parts tables in assembly tables.

The default setting is set to "off". Switch the function on as needed!

[Note] Note

In case there is no ERP functionality available in the "Assembly" window, please check whether the key "UseErpForAssPart" is set to value '1' in the plinkcommon.cfg configuration file in the BLOCK PARTdataManager.