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Manual "POV-Ray" tabbed page

[Note] Note

The fields Rotation X, Rotation Y, Rotation Z and Zoom in Percent must contain entries!

Enter the Destination file. The BMP format will automatically be saved next to the POV-Ray format.

  • Select file to define the scene

    Scene File:

    Via Browse ... select a file.


    The following scenes are made available in the selection list:

    Steel, marble, water, stone, rusty, wood, glass, Radiosity

    Compare above.

  • Show floor Compare example Fig. „Steel“.

  • Drop to floor: Compare example Fig. „Steel“.

  • Quality:

    To control the light reflection, you have the following settings:

    Normal light, Low radiosity, Medium radiosity, Hight radiosity

  • Start renderer

    The rendering is started directly after the export.

  • Wait for exit renderer:

    Usually you leave this option in an deactivated state.

    This function is needed for batch exports in order to prevent several renderers from being started at the same time.

  • Exit after rendering

    Closes POV-Ray after the image file was created.

  • Delete POV after rendering:

    If you do not want to edit the POV file later in POV-Ray, you may delete it.

  • Antialiasing: smooth edges

  • Use rotation of 3D window:

    If you do not activate the checkbox then you can define the rotation with your own values.

  • Zoom in Percent:

    Values less than 100 zoom out of the image, greater ones zoom in.

  • Custom resolution:

    If you do not activate the checkbox, then you can define your own values under Resolution.

    When you activate the option, then enter your desired resolution under Resolution X and Resolution Y.

  • Resolution:

    In the list field select the desired resolution.

  • Threads: No threads, Only outer threads, Only inner threads, Only visible threads, All threads

    [Note] Note

    The thread display requires a lot of memory space!

  • Destination file:

    Define the destination file via Browse ...