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Manual Settings

  • Perspective

    Standard selection is the "worksheet". Load the worksheets via the parts list in Details.

    In addition, you can also display the configuration in 6 different perspectives.

    As soon as you click on one of the 6 perspectives, the 2D derivation of the part is created.

    Current view: If you want to transfer the current alignment of the coordinate system from the 3D view into the 2D drafting, activate the option Current view and choose the perspective Front Z.

  • Line styles

    Line styles are selectable and/or not selectable. Threads and the Dimensioning are highlighted in color.

    In the Grouped mode, the respective part can only be launched collectively after transfer to the CAD system. In order to focus on individual lines and/or components in assemblies, you must dismantle the grouping. How the grouping is impacted is determined by the respective CAD system and/or the export mode (with or without interface).

  • Get model

    Should you make changes in the table (line changes, or changes in one of the value range variables), the button Get model blinks in red. Click on the button in order to update the 2D drafting.

    As soon as you have applied the Get model button, the display of the "old" part disappears. Select a perspective and the new part is displayed.