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Manual Export in AVI format

Make the settings on the below described AVI options and Cross-section tabbed pages:

Export in AVI format

Export in AVI format

Tabbed page AVI options

  • Picture settings:

    Width in pixel, Height in pixel

    Into the input areas, enter the desired height and width.

  • Animation settings:

    • View:

      In the list field, select the desired view:

      • Front

      • Back

      • Right

      • Left

      • Top

      • Bottom

      • Isometric

    • Bitmap format:

      Usually leave the default value "RGB32".

      Otherwise select the desired bitmap format from the list field.

    • Animation frame:

      Frames per rotation

      [Note] Note

      Please note the interaction of the settings under Rotation settings.


      If you set a rotation step to 1°, you will need 360 frames per rotation, so that a full rotation may be carried out.

      The more frames, the larger the file.

    • Delay between frames in 1/100 secs. (1-255)

      The rotation speed is a result from this setting and the Animation frame setting.

    • 3D template:

      You can adjust the color style to the layout of PARTsolutions versions, CAD systems and other style sheets:

      8.1, 9.0, Purist, Metal, Wood, Catia V5, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, NX, One Space Designer, Pro/Engineer, Inventor

    • Transparency:

      In order to get a transparent background, activate this option.

      Not transparent

      Not transparent



  • Codec configuration:

    • Codec

      From the list field select the desired Codec.

      [Note] Note

      The list values are not set, they are read out from your system.

      The setting No Codec offers the best quality. However, without Codec you get very large files.

      Select a Codec from the list with which the quality and file size are in the desired relationship.

    • Scale: Default value '1' (lowest possible value)

      Time scaling. The larger the number, the slower the movement.

    • Frames per second: 24

      The more frames per second, the smoother the movement, but also the larger the file.

    • Bytes per second: Default = 500

      This setting concerns the quality

    • Quality (0 - 10): Default: 10

      General settings for quality

    • Keyframes: Default value =1

      Usually you leave this setting. Changing to '2' would cut the number of key frames in half.

    • Interleaving:

      Audio and video data is saved meshed together.

  • Rotation settings:

    Optionally, you can define the rotational increment in degrees for individual axes.

  • Destination file:

    Via Browse ... the Explorer opens.

    If desired, change the path and the file name. Either way be sure to leave the file ending.

Tabbed page Cross section

  • Cross-section

    Cut plane:

    From the list field, select the YZ plane, XZ plane or XY plane

    '+' or '-' (mirror inverted display of cut)

    Displacement of cut plane

    In the input field, enter the desired displacement. (The numerical value refers to the measuring unit of the part.)

  • Quarter cut

    In order to create a quarter cut, activate both the selection box at Cross-section, as well as at Quarter cut.

    The same things apply as for the settings of cross section.

Cross section

Cross section

Quarter cut

Quarter cut