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Manual  Classification 2.0 search: The most important at a glance

Install the classifications class20 Norm-Kaufteile and class20 Eigenteile.

Description of function

The Classification 2.0 search does not require time-consuming classifying, but is based on parametrical reference models.

Company parts from semi-finished products, etc. can simply be found with the Classification 2.0 search, that means, with a basic search catalog containing adjustable search templates.

The variables can simply be adjusted in the settings dialog. The variable name in the searched parts doesn't matter. Specific topological characteristics such as holes don't have to be in the search part itself, but are added to the search in the sense of a combination search.

  1. Call Classification 2.0 search.

    -> The same-named dialog box opens.

    [Note] Note

    When using the full-text search and the search term meets a template name, then the respective hint is given in the list field of full-text search. When clicking on that term you are directly forwarded to the settings dialog of classification search.

  2. Perform the desired settings:

    • In the search catalog, choose an adequate template for your search.

    • Adjust the variables of the parametrically created model with the help of sliders or input fields. The variables' name in the searched part (which depends on the specific catalog) doesn't matter.

    • Add topological characteristics. The provided options depend on the selected template. (Here, at the chosen T profile, this is Size).

    Example: Search with T profile as template

    Example: Search with T profile as template

  3. Finally click on Commit.

    -> The view returns to the main window.

  4. Adjust the settings under Search in. Under Search for, normally the setting parts is advantageously.

    Click Start search.

    -> The results are listed on an own tabbed page by default.