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Manual Variant 1 – opening from PARTsolutions

  1. In the Part view of PARTdataManager, choose a part (table or list view), that you want to transfer to the PARTbom part list.

  2. In the toolbar, click on the button Transfer to Bill of Materials (PARTbom) or in the Extras menu, click on the menu item PARTbom.

  3. -> The query dialog box Quantity opens with the default value „1“.

    Set the Number of Parts of each part and confirm with OK.

    -> PARTbom starts up and the query dialog box Select bom file is displayed.

    • Create new bom file

      PARTbom is directly opened.

    • Open existing bom file

      An Explorer window is opened. Select the desired already existing bom file there.

    • Open last bom file

  4. (Optionally) In the next step you have an option between the company specific (in this exemplary case Fibro) order form (if available) and the CADENAS order form Neutral. Confirm with OK.

    The company specific BOM-list can be used as order form for company catalog parts.

    You can also use the form in the neutral format in order to compile a personal archive of BOM lists.

    -> After confirming with OK, the PARTbom start interface opens up.