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Manual "Views" tabbed page

"Views" tabbed page

"Views" tabbed page

  • Detailed information on the Shortened view option is found under Section, “ Alternative 2D size Optimize drawing view on paper size / ”.

  • Source:

    You can export all listed views or only the selected ones. Choose a mode:

    • Active window (2D-View)

    • Active 2D derivation (...)

    • All windows (everything, what is listed under Views)

    • All 2D derivations (listed under Views)

    • all technical views

    • Selected views

  • Views:

    • Active window (2D-View)

    • Active 2D derivation (...)

    • Window (2D-View)

    • Window (Technical view (2D))

    • Various 2D derivations such as "3 views + isometric drawing in frame (DIN)" or "Right" for example

    If under Source the option Selected views has been selected, you can activate the desired views via checkbox under Views.

    You can find detailed information on the individual Views under Section, “ "2D view" dialog box ”.