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Manual Settings

Settings: When clicking on the button , the respective dialog box is opened.

  • Comparison calculation:

    Live calculation in OpenGL (Not all graphic cards supported) (activated by default)

    In overlaid parts, comparison operations are calculated in live time during movement.

  • Transparency settings:

    Transparency settings are used in the 3D view.

    • Transparency 1.Part

    • Transparency 2.Part

    • Result

    In the input fields, enter desired value for transparency (0 to 100 [invisible]).

  • Color settings:

    When clicking into the color field, the dialog box Choose color is opened.

    Dialog box "Choose color"

    Dialog box "Choose color"

    Determine desired color and confirm by clicking OK.

    • Color first part

    • Color second part

    • Result

    • Hidden edges brightness (2D):

      The settings are used in 2D comparison.

      In order for "Hidden edges" not to interfere with the overall appearance, the brightness is set to 50% by default.