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Manual Activation of the PARTsolutions interface

In order to activate the Medusa interface proceed as follows:

  1. The variables CADENAS and TEMP have to be set.

  2. Under ..\Medusa\Master_project\product_list.dat the path of the interface has to be stated.

    E.g.: C:\Programme\cadenas\partsolutions\software\iface\medusa

    This entry can be made with any common text editor.

  3. In a DOS console the file startmedconfig.bat with the parameter -admin has to be executed. The file is also found under ..\Medusa\Master_project.

    --> The MEDUSA 5.0.1 configuration service program opens.

  4. Enter the command reconfigure and confirm with [Return].

  5. In the course of the configuration default values are displayed, which you can adjust (if desired) or confirm via [Return].

    [Note] Note

    If it is only about the PARTsolutions integration, simply always click ENTER.

  6. Finish the reconfigure process with "quit".

  7. Confirm the saving with "yes".

  8. Restart Medusa.

  9. In MEDUSA, under View -> Toolbars select the menu item Complete.

    --> Now the PARTsolutions toolbar is displayed.