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Manual Activating the PARTsolutions interface in Pro/E

After installing the PARTsolutions interface for Pro/E you can choose between different variants for activating the interface in Pro/E:

  1. The PARTsolutions interface should automatically start with Pro/E in the future.

    1. Extend your existing config.pro (Pro/E-Installation/.../text/) file with the key protkdat. This contains the path to the protkdat file, which can be found in the "iface" interface directory.


      protkdat $CADENAS\iface\proewildfire\win\protkwf4.dat

      Make sure the file name is correct.

      Adjust the file name according to your Pro/E version.

      (For example: protkwf4.dat, protkwf3.dat or protkw64.dat)

    2. Start Pro/E.

      -> The PARTsolutions interface menu is now integrated.

  2. The PARTsolutions interface should only be available after manual activation for each start of Pro/E.

    1. Open the Tools menu in Pro/E.

    2. Select Auxiliary Applications.

      -> The window with the same name shows up.

    3. Click on Register.

      -> The Register auxiliary applications window shows up.

    1. In the PARTsolutions installation directory under .../iface/ProE-Version/win (here proewildfire) open the file protk<version>.dat (for example: protkwf5.dat).

    1. In the Auxiliary Applications window, mark the new row PSOLifexternal and click on Start.

      -> The PARTsolutions interface now shows up in the Pro/E menu bar.

    [Note] Note

    For this variant the process must be repeated for each start of Pro/E.