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Manual Transferring parts from PARTdataManager

Initial situation: You have opened PARTdataManager and have chosen a part.

  1. Transfer the marked part to PARTbom, by clicking on the Transfer to Bill of Materials (PARTbom) button.

    -> A dialog box with an entry field for Quantity of parts is displayed.

    Specify the Number of Parts that the part in the list should be applied with and confirm with OK.

  2. -> PARTbom is started and the query dialog box Select bom file is displayed.

    • Create new bom file

      PARTbom opens empty.

    • Open existing bom file

      An Explorer window opens. There, select the desired already existing bom list.

    • Open last bom file

  3. Optionally: If there are different list format templates available, the dialog box Choose order form opens.

    From the existing list format template choose the desired one and confirm with OK.

  4. -> PARTbom is opened and shows the transferred part as a subdirectory of the Check-in folder in the Hierarchical view menu area.

    The menu areas Table view and Print preview still contain no information on the component.

    Draw the transferred part from Check-in into the folder Bill of material via Drag & Drop.

    -> In the Print preview (the actual form) you can see the part to be transferred as a post, in the Table view, you can see the data.

In order to transfer other parts into the BOM list, return to PARTdataManager and follow the above named steps again.

You can also apply parts yourself and incorporate them in the BOM list. (see next section).