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Manual Search methods in combination: Example

Both the Full-text search and the Geometric search (3D) have their specific advantages.

Example: Search for a "levelling foot"

Example of a possible variant

Example of a possible variant

As parts equivalently usable do not always have the same name, a Full-text search using the search term "levelling foot" will not find parts named with "mounting foot", for example, which however could also be used. Furthermore untranslated terms in different languages cannot be found.

[Tip] Tip

When using the Full-text search It's advantageous to specify the required part size. For this, you can use the Topology search. Set the parameter Size (and at best a tolerance in addition).

Syntax for stating tolerances: <value> +- <tolerance>

Example: 188 +- 10

Topology search > Size > Major Dimension

Topology search > Size > Major Dimension

The search term "levelling foot" is marked in yellow at all result parts.

Despite using an adequate tern also inadequate parts with quite different form and functionality could be found.

In order to find adequate parts with different naming it makes sense to perform a Geometric search (3D). When calling the search directly on a table row, exactly this characteristic is used for searching. Otherwise pay attention to set the respective option Size-dependent in the dialog box.

Now the search delivers further results which escaped the textual search.

However, the geometrical search has some restrictions for parts with slightly divergent geometry (except the search range is extended).

Also the Sketch search (2D) (a little bit more "fuzzy" than the Geometric Search (3D) - which does not need to be a disadvantage) delivers very good results in combination with the Topology search.

Summing up: Especially in order to get an overview on all eligible parts, a combination of search methods is advantageous.