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Manual Buttons

  • With click on this button the settings section is displayed or hidden. See Section, “Settings ”.

  • Save as image...

    The graph is saved as picture in the PNG format.

  • Save Graph... / Load Graph...

    With these commands you can save a graph and later based on it perform searches anew.

    Or you can make it available for others. But please regard that the same environment (catalogs) is available again.

  • Print...

  • Reset

    Reset deletes all nodes except the root node.

  • Undo

    ... sets one step back chronologically

  • Next

  • Layout

    Via Layout you can choose between Tree, Cloud and Spiral layout. Independent of the layout type and the current zoom status (middle mouse key) the part information is displayed enlarged, when you move the mouse over a part.

    • Spiral

      The layout type Spiral is set as default, but only becomes visible, when the Number of search results is about 16 or higher.

      The further out a result part is displayed the less is the accordance with the search part.

      Layout type "Spiral"

      Layout type "Spiral"

    • Cloud

      Using the layout type Cloud the display of child nodes is limited to 70, the display of single nodes overall to 200-300. (You can limit the displayed nodes per search. See below.)

    • Tree

      Using the layout type Tree there is no limitation of nodes.

      Tree model with enlarged part information

      Tree model with enlarged part information