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Manual Insert connection from PARTsolutions

In the following a small example is given how to insert a connection:

  1. Call up under PARTsolutions menu -> Connection

  2. Select a hole type. Here exemplarily Through-hole.

  3. Select the appropriate reference elements (edges) for the calculation of the components' thickness and confirm with Finish.

  4. The view returns to PARTdataManager. Select the desired connection and determine whether you want to transfer the connection with or without hole.

    The following figure shows the selection of a hexagon bolt and the selection of the hole ISO 273f on bolt and nut side.

    Connection with holes

    Connection with holes

  5. The view returns to the CAD system.

    Select the desired placement method. Here exemplarily On surface .

  6. The ProE Selection dialog box is displayed.

    Click on the desired insertion point on the surface and confirm with OK.

    Afterwards click on Cancel.

  7. Optionally the ProE Menu Manager with the section "Create holes?" is displayed - if under PARTdataManager -> Connection section the option "Transfer with hole" had been selected.

    Select Yes or No.

  8. The hole is set.

    Connection visible

    Connection visible

    Connection hidden

    Connection hidden

A detailed description of the Connection section is found under Section, “User interface in detail ”.