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Manual License selection dialog box at Floating licensing

At Floating licensing a selection dialog box can appear (but do not have to) where the basic license to be used can be determined.

The PARTsolutions choose basic license for <application> dialog box appears, if more than one base license for the respective application is available. Basic licenses are pulled on startup of the application. One application can only pull one base license at a time.

If the dialog box appears, select the desired license, which you want to use for the current session and confirm with OK.

Example: Selection at startup of application

Example: Selection at startup of application

If you do not want the dialog to be displayed at the next startup, then activate the checkbox Do not show the selection dialog again. Use the current selection on every start..

But if however you should want to change the selection later, then you can reach the setting options via ? menu -> Licenses or F9 -> License selection tabbed page -> Suppress the interactive product selection dialog.... Furthermore here you can modify the base licenses to be displayed. See Section, “"License selection" tabbed page ”.