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Manual  Document types

The dialog area Document types offers the option of allowing additional documents to be opened in the relevant PARTsolutions module. You can set file formats such as *.pdf , *. doc or *.html, etc. for this purpose.

Document types

Document types

In this example the text format *.txt is used.

  1. Via button New, call the dialog box.

  2. Enter the required file format and confirm with OK.

    → The format is added to the Document types.

  3. Via Edit button, call the respective dialog.

  4. Make the basic settings for this file type (see below exemplary figure).

    • Large symbol or Small symbol: Installation path where the respective icon for this file type is stored.

      (Mostly automatically set)

      With the help of the browse button ..., you can browse the system.

    • Application (WIN) or Application (UNIX) : Define the application with which this file type should be opened. Use the browse button ... for this.

      [Note] Note

      Do not forget %1 at the end of path declaration! (This is the placeholder for the file)

      With English operation systems use double quotes in addition. ("%1")

    • DDE message, DDE application and DDE topic: DDE functions simplify working with files. For example, you can create a query with the settings in the image above, whether WORD is already open. Upon repeated opening of WORD files, just the one WORD application is recognized and used instead of opening a new one each time.

    • Copy symbol files to directory CADENAS/SETUP : If you activate this option, the symbols applied under PARTsolutions users will be generally available under Small symbol and/or Large symbol (e.g., administrator).

      [Note] Note

      Settings made inside of the Preferences for file type window generally apply for the respective data type.

      [Note] Note

      You can set up the Document types in PARTadmin as well. On this please see under Section 1.3.7, “ Document types ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.