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Manual "Export options" tabbed page -> Insertion position, Options , Layer settings

On the Export options tabbed page you can determine the Insertion position.

In the Options section you can find the following setting options:

  • Insertion position: X and Y

  • Options:

    • Insert into active CAD application afterwards:

    • No Attributes: ...prevents certain attributes (for example texts from PARTproject) from being transferred to the CAD system during export

  • Attribute layer

    • Name: Free input of layer name

    • Line type

    • Line color

    • Line weight

    • Visible - Attributes visible in drawing area : ja/nein

    Aside from the possibility of directly assigning lines and colors, the color and line settings may also be made dependent on the layer setting in the CAD system. For this, select the option "by layer".

  • Attributes: Setting options see above

  • Geometry layer : Setting options see above

  • Geometry: Setting options see above