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Manual "EPS Drawing Options" tabbed page

During export in the EPS 2D format you have the following setting options on the EPS Drawing Options tabbed page:

"EPS Drawing Options" tabbed page

"EPS Drawing Options" tabbed page

  • Minimum size:

    The page size adjusts to the bounding box of the part. Thus the input fields for Width, Height and the option Adapt to page size are inactive.

  • Width / Height:

    Setting of page size

  • Unit: mm or inch

    Meaning, if for a mm part the unit inch is selected, the value becomes smaller; the opposite happens, if for an inch part the unit mm is selected.

  • Adapt to page size:

    The part adjusts to the page size. (The opposite of Minimum size)

  • Scale: 1 = 100% | smaller or larger values than 1 are possible