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Manual Physical properties from PARTsolutions

If on the side of PARTsolutions the physical properties are set in the CNS classification, then these are also transferred to the CAD system during the export.

In PARTdataManager the attributes of the CNS classification are displayed under index tree, context menu of a part, menu item Part information.

In the following is explained how SolidWorks acts in different scenarios.

  • If a material has been transferred from PARTsolutions (material mapping), then this will always be applied and therefrom the density results.

    The density detected via material has higher priority than an explicitly declaration of the density in form of an attribute.

  • If no material has been transferred from PARTsolutions, but an exact density from PARTsolutions, then the exact density is set.

  • If an exact mass is transferred from PARTsolutions, then the exact mass is set without the rest of the physical properties.

    In the dialog box Mass properties then the option Assigned mass properties is activated.

    Assigned mass properties

    Assigned mass properties

  • The volume cannot be transferred from PARTsolutions, because it is calculated by the geometric model.