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3.3.13.  "2D view" tabbed page

Hatch parameter :

Sectional cuts are marked by hatches in the 2D preview. How these are changed for each part of an assembly can be configured via the following settings:

  • Possible hatch widths: In order to hatch the assembly parts so that they are even more clearly silhouetted against each other, different widths have been applied. You can reduce the selection of widths and also enlarge it with additional values.

  • Possible hatch angles: Set an angle to which the default hatch angle of 45° is alternately added to and subtracted from.

    In other words, if for example you enter the value of 10, the hatch lines show up in the 2D preview at a 55° angle instead of 45°.

  • Alternate angle around 0 degrees: The value set after that is alternatively added and subtracted.


Possible hatch angles: 0.00,10.00,20.00,30.00

In the example, the first hatch angle is therefore 45° (+0°), the second 35° (-10°), the third 55° (+20°) and the fourth 25° (-30°).

[Note] Note

Possible hatch angles has priority over Possible hatch widths, i.e., the set hatch widths are used additionally only when the various angles have been "exhausted".