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Manual  Manage analyses - Call up created analyses later
Marking of directories, projects

Analyses are marked by a special icon in the index tree on directory and project level :

[Note] Note

Analyses and reports are marked by the same icon.

Call up analyses
  • When moving the mouse over the icon , a tooltip with all existing analyses is displayed.

    When clicking on the icon , the respective analysis is opened. If there is more than one available, the dialog box Manage analyses is opened where you can select the desired analysis.

  • Context menu of any directory -> Analysis -> Analyses management...

    -> The dialog box Manage analyses is opened.

Dialog box Manage analyses

Select the desired analysis.

Afterwards the following functions are available:

Button Function
Display The analysis is opened.
Delete The analysis is deleted.
Open report folder

The respective directory under $CADENAS_DATA\shared\reports\Analyses\ is opened.

Select index directory The directory where the analysis is based on, is marked in the index tree.
Import report...

Communicate cross-departmental. Simply import other's reports.

An Explorer window opens. Select the report to import.

This function is currently only available for reports and not for analyses.

Close The dialog box is closed.