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Manual Requirements

There are some requirements for the partial search:

  • It is highly recommended to import and update data of your own part catalogs via Capvidia. Basically it will work without it, but the quality will be much better with Capvidia.

    For existing customers without Capvidia this would mean to reindex the CAD-Files/STEPs again with Capvidia.

    CADENAS parts (3db) can be indexed without Capvidia, as feature recognition is good here as well.

  • By default, there is no index generated for the partial search. It has to be activated for each catalog.[53]

[53] Before using the Partial search, make sure that under $CADENAS_SETUP/geomsearch.cfg, in the key PartialSearchCatalogs, the catalog path, which shall be used for the Partial search, is inserted and after this the geometrical index is created or updated again for the respective catalog as a whole.



Several catalog have to be inserted separated by comma.