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Manual Exporting from PARTbom

You can export PARTbom files in different ways.

Depending on which export format you choose, the corresponding form areas are also exported.

  • Export in CSV format:

    -> Only the PARTbom Table is exported. In turn, this can be imported to Microsoft Excel for instance.

    Separator and Sign of text identification depend on the table calculation program into which the table will later be imported.

    [Note] Note

    The file extension .csv must be a part of the file name!

    Possibly you have to manually complete.

    Within Export context menus you can switch between rows in the column list with the large arrow buttons (right-hand side in menu) .

  • Export in HTML format:

    HTML can be directly created (without send email).

  • send email

    Send BOM as e-mail:

    Export in HTML format: The entire form is exported as an e-mail. The name of your mail server can be found in your browser.

    use MAPI: When you activate the option, the e-mail is directly sent from the application without opening the e-mail program.

  • Export in DXF format:

    Only the PARTbom-Table is exported.

    It can be imported by a CAD system at a later point. Table display criteria which are then allowed for in the CAD system, can already be defined in PARTbom using various input fields.

    With the option Cut long texts the displayed text in a table cell can be limited to the length of the cell. The Height/Width ratio presetting of 110% orients itself according to the text style ISOCT.

    In entry field Number of rows per table, you decide on the displayed number of rows per page. As long as you leave “value” DXF set, the maximum possible number of table rows for each page is displayed. DXF corresponds to setting 0, i.e. no limitation to a specific number of rows is defined.

    Change column width

    In order to change column widths, mark the related column name and click on the Change column width.

    -> The value of the column width blinks and can now be set manually.

    Confirm with ENTER or mark a different row in the column list in order to accept the change.

    [Note] Note

    Fields Text style and Text style file should contain the same DXF style! ISOCP and ITALIC are possible styles, besides ISOCT.