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Manual  Status colors for catalog index

You can create rules in order to define in which colors directory and project symbols in the PARTdataManager are to be displayed. Furthermore it is possible to expand the set of rules for parts which are marked as parts of the Standards Classification.

A useful rule could be for example:

Dark green   =  Already used at all locations
Medium green =  Already used at two locations
Light green  =  Already used at one location
Yellow       =  Used at no location, but with ERP number
Orange       =  Standard part
Red          =  Not according to any default

A color could be defined which signalizes whether a part is in stock. Each rule which can be deduced from table or project information is possible!

In any case labeling facilitates controlled usage of parts.

Status colors for catalog index in the PARTdataManager

Status colors for catalog index in the PARTdataManager

A detailed description on how to define rules can be found under Registerseite Anzeige.