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Dear PARTsolutions user,

welcome to the new Version 11 of PARTsolutions!

We are glad that you have chosen the PARTsolutions software.

In many companies PARTsolutions is one of the leading software systems helping engineers and purchasers to manage and find company-, supplier- and standard parts.

The PARTsolutions modules generate - within your own CAD program - native parts. This means that parts taken over by PARTsolutions "behave" as if they were created exclusively in your CAD system. This guarantees trouble-free further processing in your CAD system.

Each version brings a number of innovations. Information about these changes can be found in the installation start screen under the section entitled "What is new?", as well as after the installation in the assistant window when starting PARTdataManager. There you can view the new highlights in a short film. Or have a look in the online help within an extra document.

We hope that you have a fairly easy time familiarizing yourself with your "new tools" and that we are able to offer you a constructive contribution to finding solutions for your problems.


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