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Manual Key "VisibleSearchPages" - Visible search methods

In the key VisibleSearchPages, you can specify the search methods to be shown. This key is inactive by default.

Enter the desired search methods separated by comma. At first possibly activate the key.



  • Full-text search / KeySearch

  • Variables search / VarSearch

  • Geometric search (3D) / GeomSearch3D

  • Sketch search (2D) / GeomSearch2D

  • Color search / ColorSearch

  • Topology search / TopoSearch

  • Partial search / PartialSearch

  • Search for unmachined parts / RawPartSearch

  • Klassifikation 2.0 Suche / ClsSearch

Full-text search and Variables search are always available by default. The other search methods require the license "CNS200x*PSADDONS*COMPLEXSEARCH.