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Manual Key "insertComponentFlexible" (FLEXIBLE_RIGID_SUBASSEMBLY)

Inserted product shall have the behavior of Flexible Subassembly?

Value range:

  • 0=NO (Default)

    The user can still make it flexible inside CATIA for each assembly individually. During 2014 projects v5r19+v5r20 we still had problems within CATIA if all subassemblies are set to flexible by default. Thus recommendation still is: Turn it off and set it individually by the user.

  • 1=YES

    When activating this option, the assembly can be moved flexibly.

    All assemblies (CATProducts) are created flexible automatically. This means that the changing of constraints by the user later will be stored one Product level above -> No modified flags in the PARTsolutions CATProduct files.

FLEXIBLE_RIGID_SUBASSEMBLY has been replaced by insertComponentFlexible.