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Manual Material(is3dpart) - Materialmapping

The material name must be identical to some of the names in the material table (File -> Properties -> material properties).

Per default the key is a complex vbs expression. It may be adjusted as desired.


Alternative example for the vbs expression:


Definition, where the material information is from.

May be combined with material mapping (internal PARTsolutions material name : CAD-System material name).

Material mapping is used in order to map the internal PARTsolutions material name onto the CAD system material name.

[Hinweis] Hinweis

The untranslated name of the material is transferred; in other words the same one for all languages.

Per default the material name is taken from the CNS classification.

The determined name is then mapped along with the material table under block [MatMap] to the CAD system material names.

Brass, Soft Yellow=Messing
Nylon-6/6=Nylon, allgemein

Detailed information on material mapping is found under Abschnitt 2.2.5, „Materialmapping“.