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Manual Key "PhysicalPropertiesMode"

Set the way of handling physical properties of solids during export (flag)

  • PhysicalPropertiesMode = 0: ignore physical properties

    Properties will be taken from material, or calculated using NX customer defaults

  • PhysicalPropertiesMode = 1: assert physical properties (default)

    Available properties:


    • CNSDENSITY (Density)


    • CNSCOG (Center of gravity)

    Physical properties are "asserted" (mapped to specially provided NX fields). This option will make them appear in various information windows, such as the "Displayed Part Weight" properties dialog. It is also possible to map these properties to assemblies in this manner. Mass, density, volume and center of gravity can be mapped.

    [Hinweis] Hinweis

    Note that the assignment of mass, density and volume only works if either a) the mass (CNSMASSEXACT) is specified or b) both the density (CNSDENSITY) AND volume´(CNSVOLUMEEXACT) are specified. If just the density or volume are specified, the assignment will fail.

    If an assignment fails, then a respective error message is displayed. See below.

  • PhysicalPropertiesMode = 2: set "real" physical properties

    Available properties:



    Physical properties are set at the model level (mapped directly to the actual NX physprops). This method only works with parts. Only density and mass can be assigned this way.

  • PhysicalPropertiesMode = 3: both "assert" and set "physical properties" are enabled

Possible error message

If "PhysicalPropertiesMode" is set to 1 or 3, then at missing key parameters the following error message is displayed:

Failed to assert physical properties due to missing key parameters.

Either the mass or both volume and density must be provided for a successful assertion.

If only the density is available, please select a different physical properties assignment mode (set PhysicalPropertiesMode to '2').

[Hinweis] Hinweis

The warning for PhysicalPropertiesMode=3 (density set, but not asserted) has the "Moderate" importance level and is displayed only when the key DisplayCreationWarningLevel is at 50 or higher. The warning for PhysicalPropertiesMode=1 (density not set at all) has the "Major" importance level and is visible by default.