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Manual bugreport.cfg - Katalog Feedback

Report an error (or wish for parts) to the global CADENAS error and report database!

On the one hand you make sure that a defective part is not used anymore.

On the other hand the manufacturer can act at once and offer a rectified part via PARTserver / PARTcommunity / PARTsolutions Online Update.

You can request the current state per Internet any time (PARTconcept or in PARTdataManager itself).


You can turn on/off Catalog feedback via the following key:

Configuration file: $CADENAS_SETUP/bugreport.cfg


Details on Katalog Feedback can be found under Abschnitt 3.1.17, „Katalog Feedback“ in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Handbuch für Anwender.